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Hi, we're User Experience Society.

We're a chapter of an international organization initially founded in Manila, Philippines in 2016. Check our friends out!

We've been slowly building up in Fall 2019—and will officially be opening ourselves up in Spring 2020. As an organization, we exchange design knowledge through workshops & meetings (on everything from UX Research to front-end engineering), develop and ship products and projects (from posters to web applications), and work to introduce a design-centric perspective to technology and innovation at Yale.
We explore all branches of design, with a human-centric focus.

What happens at UXSociety?

As an organization, we'll have weekly meetings where we get together, pick up new things on design, and build a mix of short-term and long-term projects that are either personal or in-house endeavors, or in collaboration with groups around campus and New Haven.

For more information about our organization, check out this nifty document.

On membership: We're open to undergraduates of all backgrounds who are interested in design—no experience required!

Who leads UXSociety?

UXSociety is currently led by Chia, Brice, Lawrence, Alara, and Kaloyan.
You can say hello to us collectively at